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Project proposal

The topic I would like to cover is the lack of education in the media. Although there are several things covered in the mainstream media, I feel that they fail to cover one topic that is vital to the masses. They cover celebrities, the war and political news.  However, I feel they leave out what is going on in our education system and the changes that are constantly happening. People fail to notice  how these changes will affect future generations.

What I will be doing in conducting interviews with 2 faculty members about our education system and how it can be emerged into the media more and why they feel it isn’t deemed as an important topic to the masses.

I will also be shadowing a teacher at the Visual School of Arts for one day. I want to see how she prepares her lesson plans and ask her a series of questions. I would also like to get student interviews while I am there.

1.Why isn’t is talked about?

2. What is the importance of keeping the masses informed about our education system?

3. How can you and I make changes to this problem?

4.Why do you think other topics seem to take precedent over education?


I will be creating a 5-8 min. video about my experience and write a short (2-4 pgs) analytical article about my concluding thoughts. I don’t want my topic to be too heavy on interview so they will be very short, I want to but in voice over and show the audience rather than tell them the information.

In the coming weeks I will be doing research about this topic, I want to find paper and video clips in the news about education and bring them into my piece, I want to see what they do cover and what are possible reasons why.


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